Deli Menu

The design goal behind these menus was to unify the deli menus used in all five stores. Before this project, every deli menu had its own design aesthetic, New Frontiers wanted to keep consistency within the deli brand from store to store.

The redesign started in the San Luis Obispo store with the menus having reverse type on a black background and hung from stained plywood boards above the deli. It was beautiful but expensive. To save cost in the other stores I used a plywood texture in the printed design to achieve the same aesthetic.

nf9DeliMenuBoards_2014-1 nf9DeliMenuBoards_2014-2

nf9DeliMenuBoards_2014-3 nf9DeliMenuBoards_2014-4

nf9DeliMenuBoards_2014-5 nf9DeliMenuBoards_2014-6


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